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On http://knittingpatterns.is you can design your own sweater, it’s easy and free. You can : Choose size Select gauge Select needle size Select yarn Select colors Draw pattern Print out a graph and instructions on how to knit Screenshots : ? Tutorial part 1  Tutorial part 2  Tutorial testing different…

A Mandrake Is Born

Knitting is a bit like life. A lot of small pieces make up everyday of our lives.


Sometimes it might look like a mess.


But with a bit of patience and some organization you end up with something that makes sense.


And was almost kidnapped right out of my hands by my granddaughter. She hasn’t even seen Harry Potter but she loves this little guy.

The pattern for the Mandrake is from Phoenixknits over on Ravelry.

Menehune: Small Adds Up!

My Menehune is sooo close to being finished! Have you ever had a pattern that was so easy and worked up so quickly that you had to stop and check to make sure you were doing it right? This is that pattern for me.
I will be making more Menehune in different colour ways. #love #Menehune


Aloha Friends!

Happy Friday to All! I hope your last workday of the week {for many} is productive and encouraging. We have the opportunity each day to do small things that can make a huge impact. You may not see a small smile and cheerful “Good Day!” as much, but to the recipient of that…well, maybe their ears haven’t heard a word and a smile to spur them on in a long time. Holding the door for 3, 4, 5, even 6 folks to go ahead of you isn’t a big deal, after all it sets you back what? 45 seconds? But to the person with their hands full {or arms sore} your gesture was as cold water to a parched throat.

Small pieces add up! Grabbing 10 minutes a day to knit yields over n each week! Picking up three pieces of trash on your way out of the bookstore…

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Ever had this happen: ready to pop in to a shop I absolutely adore but just can’t get to often enough, I see there are no cars in the parking spaces nearby. Walking to the entrance I notice how quiet and still the premises are and how bland the usually…


As of this very minute I’m at the halfway point of the border edge. Not bad for about a weeks worth of knitting whenever I can find a few minutes.
This pattern is from the blog, #With Mel. I’m so very glad I found her. Sometimes you come across a pattern that tells you that you have to make it. #Menehune speaks to me. I’m already trying to decide what yarn I’m using for the next one.

I spend my days with my beautiful 3 year old granddaughter. The child is precious and has more energy than a sack full of wet cats. Needless to say, she keeps me on my toes and wears me out but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She blesses my life every second of every day. For this I am grateful. She challenges me and I love that. I’m always up for a good challenge. That being said…
A wonderful friend has given me the opportunity to have a spot in an upcoming festival to show, and hopefully sell, some of my work. Last year there were over 35,000 people at the festival. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m slightly terrified. I have a little over 2 months to build up an inventory. No small task, especially with the assistance of my granddaughter.
I can do this… I can do this!

It would seem that I’ve become a blogger… or I’m attempting to become one. That might not be so easy since I’m a very private person. There also aren’t usually enough hours in the day to sit down and write. I’m going to use this blog as a reason to find that time. So….

These days my castle is full of potty training, laughter, yelling and fun. There are some tears and little boy fights but much much more love. I have two lovely daughters. They have blessed me with 5 grandchildren. Now I’m not your typical grandma. I do make them hats and socks and mittens but they adore the dragons and rats I make as well. Yes, I said rats. My 3 year old granddaughter loves the white rat I made. She insisted that it have wings, thus turning it into a fairy rat. Here he is before his wings.


And here he is after


It amazes me how many requests I’ve had for rats since I completed this little guy. I found the pattern on Ravelry and will provide a link when I get a chance. He really is adorable and a super easy, quick, knit.

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