Menehune: Small Adds Up!

My Menehune is sooo close to being finished! Have you ever had a pattern that was so easy and worked up so quickly that you had to stop and check to make sure you were doing it right? This is that pattern for me.
I will be making more Menehune in different colour ways. #love #Menehune


Aloha Friends!

Happy Friday to All! I hope your last workday of the week {for many} is productive and encouraging. We have the opportunity each day to do small things that can make a huge impact. You may not see a small smile and cheerful “Good Day!” as much, but to the recipient of that…well, maybe their ears haven’t heard a word and a smile to spur them on in a long time. Holding the door for 3, 4, 5, even 6 folks to go ahead of you isn’t a big deal, after all it sets you back what? 45 seconds? But to the person with their hands full {or arms sore} your gesture was as cold water to a parched throat.

Small pieces add up! Grabbing 10 minutes a day to knit yields over n each week! Picking up three pieces of trash on your way out of the bookstore…

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